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2019-08-12 After addressing the minor revisions requested, we resubmitted our manuscript to the special issue of International Journal of Geo-Information, Historical GIS and Digital Humanities. There is a preprint available, titled ‘Japanese Lexical Variation Explained by Spatial Contact Patterns’.
 The 1st International Workshop on Computational Approaches to Historical Language Change 2019, held at the ACL 2019 conference, has taken place in Florence, featuring our POSTER, presenting the findings of our paper: Spatio-Temporal Prediction of Dialectal Variant Usage.
2019-08-01 The final (i.e. revised, definitive, printed, shiny, physical version) of my thesis has been submitted to the Central Library in Zurich, which was the last step to complete before actually applying for the doctoral title. ^^
Download this revised version of the thesis here.
2019-07-19 Presented our findings about Japanese dialects and their spatial relations at the International Cartographic Conference in Tokyo (2019.07.15-20). This is our short paper.
2019-06-12 Presented at the Seminar of the Art Research Center of the Ritsumeikan University about the more broad topic of linguistic geography, backed by my topics, namely the causes of dialectal diversity in Swiss German and Japanese, titled ‘Language Variation and Change: Geographic and Sociodemographic Causes’.
2019-06-03 Camera ready paper sent to the 1st International Workshop on Computational Approaches to Historical Language Change 2019, held at the ACL 2019 conference, the Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics, 2019 July 28th – Aug 2nd, Florence. Catch me there and download the paper: Spatio-Temporal Prediction of Dialectal Variant Usage
2019-04-17 Revised short paper submitted to be involved in one of the proceedings issue of the International Cartographic Conference. This short paper basically contains the preliminary results of my postdoc study on Japanese lexical variation, to be submitted soon as a full journal paper.
2019-04-16 A journal article from my PhD finally got published. This time we model interdialectal transitions in space from a gradient point of view. Full paper in the Journal of Linguistic Geography below – if you don’t have access, feel free to contact me for a copy or check this read-only version.

Jeszenszky, P., Stoeckle, P., Glaser, E., & Weibel, R. (2019). A gradient perspective on modelling interdialectal transitions. Journal of Linguistic Geography, 6, 78–99.

2019-03-20 Attending the conference of the Association of Japanese Geographers. Sadly, most talks were in Japanese. Not mine though.
2019-03-08 Updated my publication list and CV and made most of the publications downloadable! Some are also available on ResearchGate.
International Cartographic Conference short paper accepted, titled: ‘Lexical variation in Japanese dialects revisited: Geostatistic and dialectometric analysis’ Available for download.
2019-01-21 Abstract
submitted to the Conference of the Association of Japanese Geographers, to he held in March 2019 at the Senshu University in Kawasaki city. Titled ‘Historical paths of contact and isolation explain lexical variation in Japanese dialects’
2018-11-05 A co-authored short paper submitted to the WWW’19 conference, titled:
‘A Street-Level Portrayal of Fine-Grained Human Emotions through Large-scale Social Media and Open Map Analysis’
2018-11-02 PhD Thesis out!
2018-11-01 I gave a presentation titled ‘Linguistic geography and dialectology’ at the Postgraduate Seminar of the Department of Geography, Ritsumeikan University
2018-09-08 International Conference on Spatial Analysis and Modeling, The University of Tokyo
2018-08-30 Presentation at the GIScience2018 conference, RMIT, Melbourne, titled: ‘Towards the parameterisation and quantification of dialect contact potential’
2018-05-30 PhD Thesis defended!

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